Shy People are a Blessing

by admin on October 18, 2012

To me, a person who is shy always comes across as having a charm that is singularly missing in many people.  Instead of that often brash over-confident person who just looooves the sound of her or his own voice, the shy person seems to live and breathe more softly.  They’re the ones who listen more attentively.  Shy people defer to others and don’t enter the daily battle for the airplay in conversations.

That’s one view of shyness from the point of view of someone who is not shy.

In my counselling practice, I’ve had many clients who are shy and whose shyness is to them, a daily burden.  So although I genuinely think we are blessed that some people are shy, I’ve provided here a number of links to other websites that deal exclusively with shyness. 

The most impressive one I’ve found is Dr Renee Gilbert’s site Shake Your Shyness.  Just click on that orange site name to visit her information-packed website.  Dr Gilbert brings to the site two great assets.  First, she is herself a ‘recovering’ shy person.  Read why she uses the term ‘recovering’ to describe herself.  Secondly, she is a fully qualified Psychologist with years of experience in helping people to manage their shyness.

Other sites include:

 Shy and Free  

 Shyness Home Page   

 Shyness Research Institute 

 Overcoming your shyness

Dr Renee Gilbert states that “there is one thing most shy people have in common—sooner or later, most of us struggle with a lack confidence in our social skills because our shyness causes us to avoid precisely the kinds of situations that would help us learn to refine our skills.  Instead of getting better with time, we get worse through lack of practice.  Therefore, I strongly recommend that whatever program you choose include an element of social skills training or practice“.   Click here for her Tips in Overcoming Shyness

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