Borderline Personality Disorder

Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) is simultaneously one of the most researched and written about illnesses and one of the least well understood.

In my psychotherapy practice, I have the honour to work with a number of people who among many other things, happen also to have borderline personality disorder BPD.  I love Elyn Saks’s comment that “there are no schizophrenics. There are people with schizophrenia.” I see each person who has BPD as a person first and then someone with some emotional and mental health issues we can work on productively together.

Borderline Personality Disorder Resources

You can click on this link to learn more about BPD, its diagnosis, symptoms and latest treatments BPD Resources

Borderline Personality Disorder Support Services

Here are a few links I think you’ll find useful.  I’m being a bit parochial here because they relate to Melbourne and Sydney but I promise to post about Borderline Personality Disorder support services around Australia, New Zealand and even the world.

Spectrum  Spectrum is a statewide service in Victoria that supports and works with local Area Mental Health Services to provide treatment for people with personality disorder. Spectrum focuses on those who are at risk from serious self-harm or suicide and who have particularly complex needs.

Please note: as of January 2013 Spectrum has a new phone number – (03) 8833 3050

Counsellors and Psychotherapists  this is a list of counsellors who specialise in borderline personality disorder as set out on the Australia Counselling website.

Project Air Strategy to quote from the NSW based team, ” we are enthusiastic mental health workers, consumers and carers looking to improve the lives of people living with a personality disorder. For us, AIR symbolises life and hope, and is something light yet powerful. The gonzo on our team thinks it means “Affect Integration and Recovery”. We just hope it is helpful”.  I think you’ll find a wealth of information and support on that site, including the papers from past conferences on BPD.

Australian BPD Support  this site has been established by someone who has reclaimed their life after a diagnosis of BPD.  To quote from the home page “it is envisaged that this site will be a place for people to meet, swap stories, and hopefully help each other recover from BPD.”