Weight loss with EFT

Tapping your way to weight loss

I have used the tapping power of Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) to help many people move from anxiety to calm and from deep phobias to peace.  It’s a technique that I discovered a decade ago. Although I’ve trained in it, constantly update my reading about it, watched hours – maybe days – of videos about it, I don’t claim to know exactly how it works.

Just that it does work.  And often within a few minutes, or days.

From my work with many clients I’m convinced that you can use the power of EFT tapping to eliminate some of the real and lasting blocks to your success in all areas of your life: the emotional blocks. It works with business and financial goals, relationship goals and healthy living goals. Including the main health goal for a growing number of Australians – the goal of maintaining a healthy weight. No. Not the goal of being super slim or any particular size. Just the goal of making sure that you are not one of the candidates for Diabetes, heart disease and cancer, all of which are now proven to be linked with being overweight.

Do you recognise this person?

S/he’s intelligent.  Of course!

You eat well.  You even do a moderate amount of exercise. You have a good breakfast, sandwich, or soup or salad for lunch. Protein and vegetables with maybe some fruit for dinner. But….

You’re still overweight

How could that be and why?

Aha yes.  I forgot about

the OTHER you.  The overeating you.

The man, woman, adolescent or child who becomes someone completely different after 8pm or so.  That person craves and needs and must have:

  • fattening and highly unhealthy potato chips
  • chocolate
  • sweets of any variety although you’re likely to get a particular fave from time to time. Maybe it’s sour squirms at the moment but it could be those little Crunchie bars or liquorice.
  • popcorn
  • biscuits

You’ve got the picture. Not a piece of fruit in sight. Fruit just doesn’t help that craving.

Does it seem familiar? Is there another you who throws caution and abandon to the wind and then feels really, really guilty about it? Do you vows that you’ll never look at a chip again and then somehow or other, it all over the next night?

Yes. You’re intelligent. Yes. You have a highly successful business or you run your home really well with happy, healthy children around and a gorgeous partner who adores you.  Every aspect of your life is under your control.  But



Emotional eating is the #1 sabotage of all healthy eating programs

I hate the word ‘diet’ because it’s linked with weight loss when in fact our diet is all that we eat and drink. Most of us now know enough about the effects of sodium and sugar to know that we need to avoid both as much as possible. When we are on a weight loss program, rather than a healthy life program there are a few or too many restrictions on what we can’t eat that it feels good sometimes to slip “off the dieting wagon”. Even without being on a weight loss regimen most of us want to eat well and find ourselves stuffing our faces with foods we avoid all day.

Night time (and anytime) emotional eating can be eliminated using EFT

Let me help you to identify and eliminate the deep rooted causes for your cravings and food addictions. I include in that your addiction to alcohol. Either you are battling full-scale alcoholism or you’re struggling with a daily intake of alcohol that you know is over the limit for your gender, height and weight.

Call me now to discuss how Emotional Freedom Techniques can give you just that: emotional freedom.

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