Anxiety and episodes of Panic

Do you experience panic attacks?  Those very frightening episodes of panic and intense fear that just come out of the blue?  Are anxiety and panic attacks ruining your life? Do you just want to live in peace, without worrying all the time about the next episode of anxiety and panic? Do you, or someone you love, have obsessive thoughts and compulsive behaviours?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, consider contacting me for your first free no obligation telephone conversation.

Your personalised one-on-one course guaranteed to eliminate anxiety

Call me to discuss this five-session package. It comes with state of the art resources to …..well, quite frankly, to give you back your life. A life where you can once again to the cinema, concerts, out to dinner, meetings at work or at your child’s school. You can go anywhere without lugging along behind you that huge set of anxiety and panic symptoms. Currently, you decide where you’ll go after you’ve made up your mind about how comfortable you’ll feel – based on how you felt last time in a similar situation.

A lot of your decision will be based on how quickly or otherwise you can escape from the setting. You won’t readily, easily go anywhere you feel ‘trapped’. That may include passing up on the following:

  • air travel. It’s not the fear of a plane crash that keeps you Earth-bound. It’s the whole ritual around being strapped in to the seat with NO ESCAPE.
  • freeway driving or travel. Again, it’s not the fear of the speed of the cars or getting lost. It’s that trapped feeling that comes when you know there’s no way off the freeway for a long distance. Then there’s the possibility of a traffic jam. Now that’s a real trap.

  • travel by suburban public transport. It’s not the fact that the suburban train is dirty or cold or too hot, it’s that once you’re on it, if it stops between stations, it’s impossible to get off. You’re trapped.
  • sitting in the chair at the dentist or the hairdresser. That’s right. We may relate to feeling a bit tense about the dentist but the hairdresser? Yet some of my clients have had that feeling.
  • Let’s send your anxiety packing. Once and for all

    Over many years I’ve worked with hundreds of people who have different levels and types of anxiety. Some had all but given up. They’d been to other counsellors and psychologists but remained trapped in their anxiety cycle. For reasons that escape me, they blame themselves not their therapists for the fact that they’re still being imprisoned by anxiety.

    Money back guarantee

    That’s right. If you’re not 90% better after our 5 sessions supplemented by your work between sessions, I’ll give you your money back. When I mention ‘work between session’ let me explain.

    One of the reasons I’ve decided to offer my therapy in this form is that when you sign up and pay for your treatment in advance, you’re much more focused. You’ll be less likely to come to a session with the myriad excuses for not doing your between-session course work. The “I’ve been so busy” excuse is easy to say when you’re not really, truly serious about getting this monkey off your shoulder. You go to a therapist and read a little but you don’t invest much effort. My course requires YOUR commitment, YOUR focus,YOUR effort as well as my input. No money back if you’ve just slacked out along the way. I want to work with people who are genuine in their desire to reclaim their freedom. Their freedom from the symptoms of terror that are part of an episode of anxiety and panic.

    So, call me for more information and to make your appointments. Then sign up for the course with PayPal here. My counselling and psychotherapy sessions are $90 per 50 minutes. On average, it takes between five and seven sessions to eliminate completely anxiety from your life. Rather than pay per session, I’ve made the anxiety busting package $450, regardless of whether it takes us more than five sessions to eliminate your anxiety and panic.

    If your anxiety is eliminated before the end of the five sessions, I’ll return the cost of those sessions. In the very unlikely event that after five sessions, you’re not walking freely through the world, we’ll continue until you are – FOR NO EXTRA COST.

    How your panic attacks started.

    Although troubling and disruptive to your life, I view the majority of anxiety problems as an emotional problem rather than a psychological disorder. You have developed what I call the ‘habit of fear’.  You’ve learned through experience to respond with fear and anxiety to certain situations and places.  Those situations can vary.  Sometimes your intense fear reaction is triggered by a phobia you have about heights, water or animals – snakes, spiders and dogs being the most common animals we fear.

    For other people, being in a crowded elevator (lift), caught in a traffic jam or having to sit in the middle of the row in the middle of the cinema – they’re the things that trigger a response of intense and upsetting fear.  You feel those intense reactions because your mind has sent a signal to your body.  The signal is:

    anxiety and panic attacks

    Naturally, when your body gets the message that you’re in danger it reacts splendidly and very quickly.  It spurts adrenaline into your system so that you’ll be able to get out of that danger, or you’ll be able to fight it off.  Only trouble is: well, there are two troubles here.

    1. You’re not in real danger.  Your mind has sent the wrong signal, and
    2. Adrenaline causes your heart to race, your muscles to tense – you feel terrified enough to act to get out of danger.  Right and brilliant reaction to get you away from the grizzly bear.  Wrong reaction when all that’s happening is that the traffic has slowed down.

    Panic attacks on a freeway

    You know this story or a version of it.  Once you felt afraid and panicky when the traffic slowed down and stopped on the freeway you take home from work.  You’ve never worked out why you felt like that.  Next time the traffic looked like banking up into a traffic jam, you felt that same stab of inexplicable fear.  Soon, you were driving along hoping that there wouldn’t be a traffic jam.  Just thinking that there MIGHT be a traffic jam was enough to cause you to feel that intense fear.  Soon you just gave up using the freeway.

    I’ve helped hundreds of people to see that cycle of fear and to re-write the script to their fear or fears.  By ‘script’ I mean the set of reactions that happen as if someone had written a set of instructions for you to follow.  Someone has written that set of instructions.  You have.  And you and I can work together to rewrite it so that your reaction to the freeway, the crowded lift, the unsupervised dog in the park, the idea of being alone – all those things and more –  your reaction will be different.  It will be appropriate.

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