Craving is an inbuilt element in most of our addictions or addictive behaviours.  It’s interesting that not everyone recognises that they ‘crave’ what they’re addicted to.  It’s almost as if giving in to the craving happens so quickly and automatically that we don’t feel that craving for long enough to name it.

It’s also the case that many of us don’t actually face the fact that we are addicted to an activity or a substance.  That’s because some of our addictions are part of the culture.  Drinking alcohol for instance is almost compulsory in Australia and many countries.  If one doesn’t drink alcohol one has to have a good explanation for stepping outside what is very much a social norm.  So, in a nation where everything from winning in sport to the celebration of a birth or a graduation is saturated with alcohol, someone who has a couple of glasses of wine each evening may not even give a moment’s thought to the idea that s/he is addicted to it.  The issue will only pop up if and when that person has to abstain from those seemingly fine little glasses of vino.

This article is about addiction and the cravings that come with that addiction – I must have a drink, I must have a shot of heroin, I absolutely must have a pipe of ice.  We can leave the decision about whether or not the fact that you will not or do not spend a day without a non-essential substance means that you’re addicted to it.  I’ve made this little video for those of you who have faced the fact that you have a problem.  In the video, the issue is with alcohol but you can substitute anything – overeating, gambling, playing video games…whatever.  The principles and protocol of Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) are the same.

Emotional Freedom Techniques to Overcome any Addiction and Craving